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This movie introduces our activities !! Please watch it !

Shinjuku is the center of Tokyo. Especially there are many office workers. This time, I shot a video to let you know the atmosphere of Shinjuku. I hope you know a bit about Tokyo.

This is a picture of a smoking area in Japan. Recently, the number of places where people smoke is decreasing in Japan. However, there are cases where smoking areas are set up in the middle of the city.

Shinjuku station (from the entrance to the train). This video is of Shinjuku Station, one of the largest stations in Tokyo. If you are interested in packed trains, please take a look.

Japan is well-developed in transportation around the world. We use trains and buses almost every day. By the way, we introduce how to charge Suica necessary to ride these.

This video shows how to buy Suica for use on Japanese trains and buses.