Where we can smoke in Japan

About cigarette situation in Japan

Today I'm going to talk about tobacco in Japan. Recently, regulations on tobacco in Japan have become stricter. Be careful when you smoke.
The Japanese government has reduced the places where we smoke. Public facilities used by many people, such as parks, are of course banned from smoking.
So where do we smoke?
Okay. Basically there are three. Either a house, a smoking place or a restaurant. Recently, it has become impossible to smoke at restaurants.
The smoking area is in the middle of the city, as shown in the video below.

In Shinjuku, Tokyo, there is a smoking area like this.
What other restrictions are on tobacco?
That is tax. The Japanese government imposes taxes on tobacco. Its tobacco tax is known to be very high compared to other taxes.
The tax rate for cigarettes in Japan exceeds 60%.
Let's consider an example. The average price of Japanese cigarettes is about 440 yen. The tax is about 280 yen. In other words, the actual price of a cigarette is about 160 yen.
Thus, tobacco is considered dangerous in Japan. Please be careful when you come to Japan.


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