The Highest Tower : Sky Tree
Oh, what's that huge tower you see in the distance?
It's a radio tower named Tokyo Sky Tree.
Is that tower a radio tower?
Yes. Tokyo Sky Tree was completed in 2012 for the purpose of transmitting digital terrestrial broadcasting in Japan.
Really? I thought the red tower called Tokyo Tower was a Japanese radio tower.
Tokyo Tower is this building.
Yes. That red tower. It's very famous.
Tokyo Tower has existed as a Japanese radio tower for 60 years since 1959, but now Tokyo Sky Tree is playing its role, and Tokyo Tower is a tourist attraction.
I see.
Shall we go to the Tokyo Sky Tree?
That's a good idea. Let's go!
By the way, how high do you think the Tokyo Sky Tree is?
Hmm. It's very difficult. Is it about 300m?
Incorrect! The answer is 634m. It is the tallest building in Japan and the tallest radio tower in the world.
I can't believe it!
And it's twice as tall as Tokyo Tower
I can't imagine…
The Sky Tree is also a tourist spot, so you can go inside and look at the view from the observation deck.
That's good!
This place is right below the Tokyo Sky Tree.
It's too high to see the top.
The observatory is 450 meters high. From the observatory, this place may be too low to see.
It looks like you can see the clouds from the Tokyo Sky Tree observatory!
Hahahaha. Let's see what you can see!
It's going to be a wonderful Japanese memorial.

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