Today we came to Ryogoku Kokugikan to watch sumo
It is very crowded and exciting
That's right. Sumo, a traditional Japanese sport, is held in Ryogoku Kokugikan
This is my first time watching sumo. Tell me a lot about it today!
Of course. First, let's briefly explain the rules of sumo wrestling. Sumo wrestling is a Japanese national sport in which men play one-on-one. They are called “sumo wrestler”.
Okay. Could you teach me how to judge the win or loss?
A sumo wrestler wins when he pushes his opponent out of the ring, or when a part of the opponent’s body touches the ground.
I see. It's interesting. Are their hairstyles trimmed? It's strange.
Yes. Sumo wrestler is an ancient Japanese hairstyle called “mage”.
Who is that white belt Sumo wrestler?
The man with a white belt is “Yokozuna”. The strongest Sumo wrestler is called Yokozuna.
What is he doing now?
He is performing called" Yokozuna-dohyo-iri".
They perform rituals before fighting.
It's amazing. He's cool!
Come on, Tina, the sumo match has begun!
It's so powerful! Are they beat each other?
No.Sumo wrestler push their opponent with their palms.
It's so intense that it makes a sound.
It looks a little painful...
The black belt sumo wrestler has won because the yellow belt sumo wrestler has gone out of the ring. And the referee has announced the outcome.
Is that man in that kimono a referee?
Yes. They are called“Gyo-ji”. Now, the next match will begin.
I'm wondering which wrestler to support

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