Price of Sushi in Japan

How much is Sushi in Japan ?

Hello. This time I will introduce Japanese food.
What is the first thing you think of when you hear Japanese food?
I think it's probably sushi.
Do you know what kind of sushi is?
This is it. Basically, it is a thing with fish sashimi on top of vinegared rice. It is delicious when I put this with soy sauce and eat it.
By the way, do you know the price of sushi in Japan? In general, there are cheap Belt sushi and high-quality sushi in Japan. The cheap one is one dollar(100 yen) a dish.
Belt sushi
In high-end stores, it can be more than 10 dollars(1000yen) a dish. Most Japanese choose Belt sushi. By the way, high-end shops are placed at the time of celebrations, and rich people go.
High-end sushi
Sushi is familiar in Japan and many people eat it a lot.
In addition, it is a popular food that there is sushi of delivery in Japan.
Delivery sushi
Please try sushi when you come to Japan by all means.

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