Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.(成田山 新勝寺) One of the most famous temple in Japan
Hi Tina! Today I’ll introduce the famous temple in Narita, Japan, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.
Narita is where Narita Airport is located, isn’t it?
That’s right ! By the way, Narita Airport is the most popular international flight in Japan.
So many tourists can visit to this temple. How do we get from the Airport ?
First, we can reach Narita Station in 8 minutes by the train from the airport. 
And there is Naritasan Shinshoji Temple about 10 minutes on foot from there.
I think we can arrive in about 18 minutes in total.
Oh, It is so nearby from Airport. 
I did not know despite having been to Japan several times.
I want to go soon.
Okay. Let's go right away.
Yeah !
Here is Narita city. 
There are many souvenir and sweet shops on the way to the temple. You can enjoy eating and walking.
amazing! I can feel the Japanese atmosphere in the streets.
Yeah. Then, let's go to the temple.
OK! By the way, how much does admission cost?
Don't worry about admission. It is free!
Really? That’s great!
That is the entrance to the temple.
How big is it? Looks like it ’s wide.
Once inside, clean your hands at the washroom. This is a Japanese manner. 
If you don't do it, you won't be offended by anyone. But it's a great opportunity to try it out.
Wow! It's very cold. It may be hard in winter.
When you go up the stairs, you will come to the main hall.
Awesome! It's such a big building.
Let's go there!
There is a donation box "Saisenbako" when you go inside. 
Put money here and make a wish.
I see. But how much does everyone put in?
Most people put in a five-yen coin. If it was't , they might put in a ten-yen coin.
It's surprisingly cheap. Then I put in a five-yen coin.
I hope my wish will come true.
Yeah. It is up to you haha.

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