Japanese tourist spot 1 -Sensoji Temple- 浅草寺
It's so crowded! Where is this place?
here are Asakusa. It is a famous tourist spot in Japan and attracts many tourists.
What's in Asakusa?
There is “Sensoji Temple”, the oldest temple in Japan.
I see. Oh, there's something out there?
The place with that big red lantern is the entrance to Sensoji Temple.

It is called “Kaminarimon”.
Do you have the names of the statues on the left and right?
One statue is “Hujin” or the God of Wind and the other is “Raijin” or the God of Thunder.
Thank you. Is Sensoji Temple behind the gate?
Yes. Let's get inside this gate together.
Wow! There are many shops! It's very lively.
The shopping street between Kaminarimon and the temple is called “Nakamisedoori”
I'm going to buy some nice Japanese souvenirs here!

There are many delicious foods.
Yes.They sell many specialties such as traditional Japanese.

You can buy Japanese sweets, craft products, ornaments, and so on.
Shall we visit a temple first?
Yes! Okay. Let's go.
This temple is Sensoji Temple.
It's a very nice temple. When was it built?
It's about 628, about 1400 years ago. However, this building was rebuilt in 1958 because the building was destroyed in a war.
This is an old building that is rare in the world!
By the way, have you ever visited a temple?
No, for the first time.
There are some rules for worship. I will tell you from now on.
Yes, please.
Now it's time to cleanse ourselves before entering the temple.And What you do is you throw in your coins and then you put your hands together and pray.

I understood
Let's go to Sensoji Temple to pray together!

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