Japanese law system

Legal culture of Japan

Today I will introduce Japanese law. Japan has a Japanese Constitution. It is stronger than any other law.
And most of all, this constitution has never been amended since it was created after World War II.
The Japanese Constitution is so powerful. Only the Diet can change this constitution. The current constitution is heavily influenced by the United States. As a result, many Japanese wish to amend the constitution. I will explain later why many Japanese want a constitutional revision.
I've picked up some of the Japanese Constitution, so let's take a look at each one.
Right to live
In Japan, every citizen is guaranteed the right to live. In other words, not all people starve. If you don't have the money and are about to die, you can get money from the country. That is the welfare, which is financed by the national tax.

Many Japanese have been saved thanks to this. For example, for people who can no longer work due to physical disability, this welfare is a strong ally.
Basic labor rights
There are laws in Japan that protect workers. With this law, managers and workers are on par.
Unfortunately, there are many people in Japan who die from working too much. Such death is called karoshi.
Therefore, the Japanese government has expressed its intention to review the way Japanese people work. I also hope that the world will be easier for workers to work.
Abandonment of war
Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution states that the war should be abandoned. In other words, Japan cannot wage war. At first glance it looks fine. However, the interpretation is ambiguous and I do not know how far the Japanese SDF(Self‐Defense Forces) can arm.
If there is no constitutional amendment, there is a danger to the SDF's life.
That is one of the reasons why the Japanese want a constitutional revision.

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