Do you know what いろは is meaning ?
Hello. Today, I will explain what IROHA means. IROHA is also the name of this website.
Certainly the name of this website is IROHA. What does iroha mean?
Okay. iroha is written in Japanese as いろは

Iroha means the first three letters of the Iroha Uta.
Iroha Uta?
Yes. Iroha Uta is an old poem a famous Japanese monk made in the early Heian era(794~1185). The old Japanese used this poem to learn Hiragana.
This is Iroha Uta. It is made using 47 different hiragana characters.
Old Japanese used this to study hiragana, didn't them?
I'll explain the lyrics of this poem a little.

meaning of Lyrics

Even if the flowers are in full bloom, they will eventually fall apart
Any happiness will fade.

meaning of Lyrics

Can we live forever in this world?
No, we all have to die alone one day

meaning of Lyrics

We don't know why we live.

Today, We live this painful life.

meaning of Lyrics

When we got out of such a painful world, we were in the world of enlightenment.

It is so difficult to understand...
Yes. To be honest, many Japanese people also can not understand it.
In addition, This poem has so many interpretations and we don't know which is the answer.
I interpreted the world of fun to be ahead of the painful world.
Oh. That's good. I think this poem means that The more you worry, the happier you will be.
I see!
The first three letters of this Iroha Uta are いろは(IROHA).

So いろは(IROHA) means the first step in Japan.

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