How to write あ い う え お

How to write HIRAGANA

Last time you learned about Hiragana's law. If you have forgotten someone, review the previous lesson
When we study hiragana, we should remember it in sets of five characters.
Exactly. This time, let's study from the first set, "あ-column" (あ行).
Yes. Thank you !!
あ-column have 5 characters,
I wrote a little, but it was so different from English that I couldn't write it well. Please give me some advice that will help me.
It may be difficult at first. In fact, hiragana has a writing order. If you remember that, you can write beautifully.
Really? I want to study the writing order.
OK. Let's remember one by one. After preparing the video, watch it and remember the writing order and pronunciation.
I understood. I watch this video and learn the writing order and pronunciation.
That is good!!
First of all. "あ"

This is the first character that even Japanese learn. It's a bit complicated, but let's write and remember patiently.

next is "い"

This may be a relatively simple character. The sense of distance is important. Write carefully.

next is "う"

This is a simple character as well, but let's think about balance.

next is "え"

This may look quite strange. Let's remember it repeatedly until your hand can learn.

Final character is "お"

This time, the last character is ”お”. Some people may feel it is similar to "あ". Please be careful not to mistake.

These five characters are あ-column
It's easy to understand by watching the video
That's all for today's lesson. Thank you for your hard work.
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