How to write や ゆ よ
This is lesson 10. Last time, we learn how to write ま み む め も.
This time, I teach や-column.
Yes. But there are only 3 characters in や-column.
others have 5 characters.
Yeah! That's true!
や-column has 3 characters, や ゆ よ
Actually, there were five characters originally, but they are no longer used, and now there are only three characters.
I see.
How does they pronounce it?
I think pronunciation of や-column is a little difficult.
Because there are many pronunciations that are not very common in English. Listen and remember many times.
pronunciation of や ゆ よ
It's difficult but I'll remember it little by little
It is nice try!
Next. I will teach how to write it.
Yes, please!

や is a hiragana that can be written in three strokes. The stroke order may be a bit complicated. It may also be one of the characters that is difficult to write neatly.
よ is sometimes used as a light greeting.


ゆ is a hiragana that can be written in two strokes. Especially the first stroke may be difficult.


Yo can write in two strokes.
よ is often used as a greeting among young people.

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