famous Ninja Place -Odawara Castle !!
Wow! Beautiful! Is that a Japanese castle? Please tell me the name of that castle.
The name of this castle is" Odawara Castle ". It is located in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
When was it built?
It is said that Hojo Soun built around the end of 1400.
It's about 620 years ago
He and Hojo family protected Odawara Castle from enemies for 100 years, and they were called "impregnable castles.
It's amazing !
It looks big and looks good. I also want to go into the castle.
It's okay.
You can go in the castle. The top view is wonderful and you can overlook the Sagami Bay.
I'm looking forward to seeing it
In addition, there is an exhibition room in the castle where you can learn about the history of Odawara Castle
I see, it's also a study of Japanese history.
By the way, Tamako. Do you know" Ninja "?
What is the Ninja?
Ninja is a kind of spy.
Yes.Ninja is a Japanese covert agent.
I see. Is there any connection between the Ninja and Odawara Castle?
Actually, Hojo Sounno was playing a ninja, and the ninja was very strong and famous.
very interesting.
There is a building called" NINJA building "on the site of Odawara Castle.
Odawara Castle NINJA Museum.
What kind of building?
The building is a facility where you can study and experience Ninja and enjoy a wide range of people from children to foreigners.
I want to do it. It looks very fun.
Let's do it together!
Yes! But before that, let's get inside Odawara Castle!

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