Do you know Japanese public bath - Onsen ?
Have you ever get into "onsen" ?
No, I haven't.
What's that?
It's a hot spring in Japan and made by nature.
Japanese people like it very much.
So we have to use it while thinking everyone can use it comfortably.
Oh. I see.
So today, I will explain about manners when you get into onset.
There are basically 3 points that you have to remember.
1, Don't make a noise.
2, Wash your body before you soak in the bath.
3, When you get out of the bath, wipe your body with a towel.
OK. I will remember when I use onsen.
By the way, I've heard that people with tattoos can't get into Japanese hot springs.
Is that true?
Yup. It's True. Recently, however, the number of foreigners coming to Japan is increasing, so regulations are gradually being reduced.
But if you have a tattoo you should check in advance.
surely. I make sure I go to the hot springs.
Yes! Have a good time at onsen!!
Thank you!

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