Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) situation in  Japan.
COVID-19 is currently being talked about all over the world. That is no exception in Japan.
You've been talking about it since February.
First, let's see how many people are infected in Japan.
This is the total number of infected people as of March 13.
It's increasing at a tremendous rate. It looks like more than 600 people are infected now.
Yes. COVID-19 doesn't have a very high mortality rate, but its infectivity seems staggering.
So it's so noisy.
I think it has radically increased since the outbreak was confirmed on a large cruise ship in February.
I saw this in the news. It seems like dozens of passengers have been infected.
Next, look at the map of infected people in Japan. The area with the most infections now is around 130 people in Hokkaido surrounded by green lines.
You can see that it is expanding not only in Hokkaido but also throughout Japan.
Next, let's talk about how COVID-19 is affecting Japan today.
We hear the news about it every single day.
In Japan, events that attract large numbers of people are being canceled or schools are being closed to prevent the spread of infection.
More and more countries are restricting entry from Japan.
That's why Japanese people's awareness of COVID-19 is increasing
Speaking of the influence of COVID-19, surgical masks have always been sold out recently.
I see. Everyone buys it when it's so much talked about. Along with that, its market value skyroketed and many people make a profit by putting it up for auction. Therefore,it is in short supply now.
That's really influential. We should be careful about that from now on.

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