Wow it's spring! What is that beautiful flower?
That is cherry blossom tree. In Japanese it is called"さくら(Sakura)". This tree is deeply related to Japanese culture. And Japanese people love it, so historically many trees have been planted.
I see. I love it too!
And in this season, we held Hanami party.
What is that? Looks like it's fun
Hanami party is a kind of picnic.
People bring foods and drinks around the cherry blossoms tree and enjoy talking while sitting together.
Hanami(花見) means viewing flowers in English.
Spending time surrounded by beautiful flowers is wonderful.
I cannot help to eat too much rather than seeing blossoms.
Yeah, there is suitable expression for you haha.
There is a saying in Japan, "Hana yori dango" which means focusing food rather than beautiful sight.
Wow. That is perfect for me lol
But where are the cherry blossoms?
In spring you can find it anywhere in Japan.
For example, Meguro River is a famous spot in Tokyo.
It's so beautiful! Let's go next time!
You should do that.
The Meguro River can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot from Meguro Station.

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